Aug 15, 2007

GOP Attempts to Shake Up CA Electoral College Votes

I just got a phone call from one of those survey people.

"A political survey?" I asked. "Sure, I have time!"

I have to admit, I haven't really been too familiar with the GOP's recent attempt at getting a measure on the CA ballot that would effectively change how many electoral votes go to candidates in this state.
A group called Californians for Equal Representation has submitted a ballot initiative to state Attorney General Jerry Brown that would change the current statewide winner-take-all system to a formula based on congressional districts.

Republicans say the idea is aimed at attracting presidential candidates to campaign in California, which they rarely do because the statewide vote traditionally leans Democratic. Opponents call the proposal an attempt to grab Democratic votes.

Under the proposal, the winning candidate in each of the state's 53 congressional districts would get one electoral vote, with two votes going to the statewide winner.

Supporters want to put the proposal on the ballot for next June's state primary, which would put the change into effect for the 2008 election.

Now I'm glad I actually answered this call, because it affirmed that my gut feeling about this --- to vote against what it is they're trying to propose --- was in line with how I feel now, after reading a little bit more about it.

Is the GOP so afraid they're going to lose control over the government, such that they're going to try and propose legislation to skew results in their favor? Also, why should California change, when few other states allocate their electoral votes in the same way? It'll take more states than Nebraska and Maine --- who are already divvying up electoral votes in this way --- to change my mind. If all 50 states were required to do this, that would seem a little more fair to me. As it stands, this looks like a desperate attempt to secure votes.

Gerrymandering, anyone?

If we really want to make any sort of election reform, why not just get rid of the electoral college altogether?

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Dan Vera said...

I put nothing past these f%&kers. Nothing at all.
I'd heard about the California prop and hope that most people are as up on the real game here as you are.
Seems like the Repubs are going down in flames and that's when they're most dangerous.

The Overeducated Beggar said...

I read about this in the paper today, and was about to give you the heads-up.... but of course you already know, you font of information you! :-)

So, with that, if I ever get my arse in gear and begin blogging on real subjects (a.k.a. other than myself and my ridiculous life) I shall make a point to inform the masses as well.

I may be out here on the East Coast, but that dersn't mean I can ignore the certain peril attempting to go down in a most sleazoid way on your end o' the country!

Plus, I still have friends out there y'know... like, um, you.... and, um.... people.....