Aug 30, 2007

Alfred Peet, 1920-2007

Alfred Peet, coffee revolutionary, passed away at his home in Ashland, Oregon yesterday.

When Alfred Peet opened his shop in Berkeley in April, 1966 he started a coffee revolution. Nobody had ever seen top-quality coffee like this roasted in this unique style in America. The corner of Walnut and Vine quickly became a gathering place for UC Berkeley grads, undergrads, and faculty as well as local intellectuals, radicals, writers, musicians, artisans and any number of the colorful people who still make up Berkeley today.

Thank you, Mr. Peet, for helping me understand just how amazing a cup of coffee can be.


fashiongirl said...

He started the revolution and he will be missed. Not only did he bring us all great coffee, he showed us the importance of community. It's amazing how a really great cup of coffee can bring people together.

catherine said...

I needed a moment when I heard this news.

Brian I said...

Much sadness. :(

But what an innovator Mr. Peet was. And what a great focus on quality and the delivery of a great cup o' joe.

Tom Hilton said...

I just read about this this morning, when I went in to buy a pound of French Roast. This is very sad.