Jan 2, 2007

What Sex Is Your Brain?

Regardless of your gender, do you think more like a man, or a woman?

Leave it to the BBC to come up with a quiz to find the answer. I took the quiz, of course. (Anything that'll generate a blog post! Kidding. Or am I?)

Some of the results I received weren't anything I didn't know about myself already. For example, I'm highly empathic and suck at figuring out how systems work. Let's throw Calculus in that "systems" group, while we're at it. My overall brain score is close to the middle of the continuum (biased toward female), where you have female-type brains on one side and male-type brains on the other. I guess that means I typically think like a woman, except in some instances where I think like a man.

Whatever that means.

There were also some other interesting tidbits I learned (don't worry, it's not all about me):
  1. I'm highly perceptive and have a good ability to remember where things are (tell that to me when I'm frantically searching for my car keys some mornings).
  2. I'm attracted to men with masculine faces.
  3. I'm a right-brainer, meaning I "excel in visual, spatial, and intuitive processes.
  4. Men often think a person's eyes are sending signals of desire when that's not the case at all. Ha!
Anyhoo, if anything, it's a fun way to pass the time and possibly learn something new.

Click here to find out how you think. Oh yeah, and make sure you have a ruler handy when you do it.

(Props to AR for the link.)

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