Jan 15, 2007


Somebody tell me how the bungled executions of Saddam's two aids helps us?
The deaths aroused anger in mourners at the funerals of the former Iraqi officials.

"Where are those who cry out in demands for human rights?" Marwan Mohammed, one of the mourners, asked in grief and frustration. "Where are the U.N. and the world's human rights organizations? Barzan had cancer. They treated him only to keep him alive long enough to kill him. We vow to take revenge, even if it takes years."

Ibrahim's son-in-law, Azzam Saleh Abdullah, said "we heard the news from the media. We were supposed to be informed a day earlier, but it seems that this government does not know the rules."

The execution, he said, reflected what he called the Shiite-led government hatred for Sunnis. "They still want more Iraqi bloodshed," he said. "To hell with this democracy."
Dubya supporters may argue that the Iraqi government brought these people "to justice," but in the global scheme of things, these executions have our country's fingerprints all over them. The new Iraqi government did the deed, but who do you think this revenge will be aimed toward?

And this surge, and Cheney's recent PR attempts to bolster public support for it, is just bad, bad news. (Don't even get me started on why They continue to use Cheney to be "the face." He doesn't exactly convey a feel-good, collaborative, and inspiring vibe.

Anyway, feel safer yet?


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that we've only lost 16 troops this month.

Polt said...

I'll feel safer on, or about, Jan 20, 2009, and not before.