Jan 18, 2007

Thursday morning Flamenco blogging


No, I'm not this good. Yet.

It's good to have goals.

UPDATE: For you aficionados out there, I believe the first dancer may be Antonia "La Singla" who, according to this article, grew up deaf/mute after a bout with meningitis as a child. She's dancing por tangos in this clip and one may argue that since she's still able to dance so passionately even though she's unable to hear the music, the cantaores, or the palmas, that she's got the duende inside her. And lucky us who get to see it in action.

Then it's La Tati and El Guito dancing por alegrias. Classic. Am loving her dress.

The final number in this clip, the fin de fiesta, is interesting because it is danced por rumba, which is a significant point of departure from what we are used to (por buleria). Too bad the clip doesn't show the whole number.

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