Sep 26, 2006

Project Runway Scandal?

Oh, those two:
Three weeks earlier, Tim Gunn, Parsons fashion design chair and the show’s mentor, had visited [Project Runway Contestant Jeffery] Sebelia in L.A. and declared, “He had a lot of work to do.” Word reached [Project Runway Contestant, Mother of Six, and avoider of Sweat Pants and Mini Vans Laura] Bennett, whose mother had met and become friendly with Sebelia’s mother. Upon seeing Sebelia’s miraculously finished collection, Bennett told the producers she believed Sebelia had outsourced his sewing—which would disqualify him. “His collection was very ambitious,” says Gunn. “I wasn’t born yesterday.” Adding fuel to the fire was Sebelia’s rather unfinished style of construction throughout the show. “We took the accusation very seriously, and we did a very intense and thorough investigation,” says Gunn. Bravo would not allow him to reveal the resolution.
Verrrrrrrry innnnteresting. And tomorrow is the final challenge. Juicy!

(Photo credit: Getty Images. Props to Zara for the link.)


tiff said...

Interesting, no?

My local paper interviewed me about that (Thanks to BPR). I hadn't even heard about it, I was caught off guard!

Can't wait for the finale.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the fact that the photograph on this page is of the final showing, which, btw, hasn't aired yet, I think we can see what their decision was.

Mags said...

Sorry if this spoiled it for you, but the Getty images of all four designers' shows came out during fashion week. I just thought this was the best picture of Jeffery's collection, since it showed a model and Jeffery. Think of it as an editorial decision.

So yes, Jeffery showed at OFW. But did he win Project Runway? That's still to be decided, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Yes, J.S. will show at OFW;but, will he be judged by PR3??? That is the REAL Question.