Sep 15, 2006

Project Runway Fashion Week Photos!

Getty Images has pictures from the Project Runway designers' shows. They had to do bathing suits!

Laura, Michael, and Uli did their trademark designs but the execution of their looks, obviously, was a lot more refined than the garments we've seen on the show. Laura's collection had an air of elegance about it - which was to be expected; Uli's was fun and full of prints; Michael's was all about Hot Mama at the Club; Jeffery's rock star garb was surprisingly understated. Did the judges succeed in taming the Punk Rawk Beast?

Go see for yourself. And then come back and tell me what you think.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)


tiff said...

I'm weeping on the inside... I did not love Michael's collection. But I did love Jeffrey's! What is this world coming to?

Diane said...

Same here. Jeffrey's was much better but I wonder if they can let "the bad one" win. After all Santino did a great collection last season and they gave the win to "the walking couch and drapes" collection.

Beth. said...

Do my eyes deceive me, or did Uli get Nazri?

Cheryl said...

I liked Uli's collection the best. Jeff's was too young and Laura's too old. I thought Michael's was too Beyonce. I see him designing for her and working at Baby Phat. This is coming from a Michael fan.

dede said...

To Diane: wait, "walking couch and drapes collection"? Santino didn't win, my dear.

Moving on to the present: I loved Jeffrey's collection for the freshest take (breath of fresh air). Laura's seemed geared to the 45+ crowd to me. I agree with the comment about Michael's being hip-hop specific, and didn't care for it (I was surprised he used so many prints, and veered away from his simple elegance that got him so far). Surprisingly, I love, love, love Uli's line...but then again, I live in L.A. (we just rock stuff like that out here).

Can't wait to see the outcome, what with all the scandals taking place. Ciao!

Anonymous said...

I am a michael fan!!!
You have to remeber what his theme was
As we all know michael has vesion and he sees it through. there was a theme . And his theme made sence. He took his exsperience and made clothes. Now really think? If he would have used the same theme whAT could have he done

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey's collection appealed to me because it reminded me of my old punk days and listening to bands like the Meat Puppets, the Ramones and Black Flag at dingy, dirty and small clubs. But, Laura appealed to my "Ann Taylor" side because I am no longer 20 years old. And I appreciate fine tailoring. There are pieces from each those two that I would wear. I could not relate to either Uli or Michael. It doesn't mean their collections were bad, its just a taste thing, I suppose.