Sep 8, 2006

Caption This Photo

Man. Those pandas just can't catch a break, can they?
After falling asleep late Thursday for the first time since her labor, Ya Ya apparently crushed her newborn while it was nursing, the official Xinhua News Agency said on its Web site.

A zoo handler noticed the cub, which weighed only about three ounces, had fallen away motionless from her mother's nipple, it said. Zoo staff took the cub away while Ya Ya was still asleep and an autopsy showed that its heart, liver and other organs had been crushed.
I hope all of you new mothers and mothers-to-be out there learn the valuable lesson here, which is not to sleep with your baby while nursing it, no matter how much it looks like a white, hairy penis. With a face.

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Xinhua, Zhong Guilin. Post inspired by Ang.)


Angie said...

And I actually resisted the urge to post that!! I didn't want people to know how perverted my brain was that something that was suppose to be all cute and stuff, I saw that instead. But I couldnt' help, I posted anyways. People know I'm sick now. LOL

Generik said...

I guess the moral of the story is that it's not a good thing when your mother has a crush on you.

Ow! Don't hit!!

Polt said...

A PANDA! honest to God, I thought it was a penis rolled in sugar or something....

I was mildly interested there for a bit... :)