Sep 14, 2006

Project Runway After Party

Episode 10: Black and White, aka ‘WTF?’
I got home a bit late tonight and missed the first 15 minutes. And when I started watching, all I could think was, WTF are Angela and Vincent doing here? I thought we were done with them? Don’t do this to me, Bravo.

Heidi teases the designers by asking them if they are ready for their next challenge. Of course they say yes, but she decides to prolong the agony and tells them that L’oreal Paris is hosting a party in their honor tonight, and that she’s invited some special guests. Jeffery smells a trap.

The “party,” which really just looks like The Pink Elephant before regular business hours, begins with a toast. Did Laura drink any champagne?

Heidi welcomes the two guests: Vincent and Angela.

Michael thinks, “What the hell is going on?”

That's what I'm thinking too, man. WTF?

Angela walks out, almost tentatively, like she’s expecting someone to pop out from behind the corner and slap her. “I’m confused,” she says.

That’s not all, dear.

It’s here at The Pink Elephant that Heidi finally explains what she meant by that whole “there are other benefits to winning a challenge” cryptic thing. Get it? Because Angela and Vincent both won a challenge, they get a second chance. Didn’t Robert win a challenge? Or maybe not … whatever. But my God, were Angela and Vincent the only other two who won a challenge?

Kayne pours gallons of champagne down his throat to numb the Vincent/Angela-induced pain.

“The party was over at that point,” Uli says.

Back at Mood, the designers freak out about buying too much or too little fabric, since they have to use every scrap.

Michael’s trippin. “That was bananas. It was like whoah.”

Jeffery tries to find the silver lining, but can’t. Uli says that it’ll be embarrassing if she goes home before Angela does.

Vincent’s ready to make his “little cocktail numba.”

Laura calls Angela out, saying that her win was from a team challenge, and that her team members “carried a lot of weight.”

“Really? I disagree …” Angela says, all space cadety. As if she really believes that vomiting up rosettes/fleurchons = great design. “It’s the design that matters, not the construction,” she says.

Really, Angela? I disagree …

Get to sketching! And buying fabric! And draping! And cutting patterns! And getting feedback from Michael!

Laura’s model tries to give her some advice about designing a more youthful look. Laura's worried especially since the judges reamed her a new one during the couture challenge last week.

Collier Strong from L’oreal Paris comes in to talk makeup and styling. Makeup as accessory. So each designer meets with Collier individually to discuss the styling. I mean, I love makeup, but … yawn. Although I’m all for the smoky eye look in other colors besides black and brown. So Collier’s gotta be on to something.

Tim comes to each designer with his feedback. The usual stuff. But when he gets to Laura, she breaks down. She tells Tim that the last challenge shook her up. She wanted to make a big career change, but now she’s too tired and is just trying to take things day by day.

The day of the runway show, Vincent’s told that Jia, his model, had a bike accident, and that he’d get another model. But the model he got busted her “zippa.” Way to make a model feel like a heffa!

On to the runway!

This week’s judges: Michael Kors, NINAGARCIA, Zac Posen.

The judges loved Michael’s asymmetrical dress with a black cumerbund, and I loved Nasri’s earrings. Someone get me a pair! And can we talk about his orange paisley blazer?

Heidi said Vincent’s dress looked “cheapish.” Four words: Too. Much. Hoo. Hoo. Less cape, more skirt. Please. It’s not turning me on.

Uli, your hippie cocktail dress was The Ugly. No, no, no, no, no. But the judges think they’re seeing the same dress, time after time after time. And let’s not even talk about the big, knotted “necklace.”

Angela says her shrug was “modern, yet Edwardian.” The judges called it “costume-y.” I call it, Why the F did you have to go and bring Angela back in the first place? Did she miss the last flight back to Ohio?

Jeffery tells us that when designing this dress, he reminisced back to the last few L.A. cocktail parties he’d been to. Leggings? No. Don’t do that, Jeffery. Please. The judges are tiring of his “hard rock, Los Angeles look.” Kors thinks it’s so Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. I would be interested in seeing something different from him. If they’re going to accuse Uli of being a one note …

Laura used all her fabric to design a black and white lace dress that one of the judges called “fun, but youthful.” And that it was “chic, perfectly made, so much more youthful than what you’ve been doing.” Posen says that this dress is highly marketable. “It works.” NINAGARCIA finds it adorable and a refreshing point of view.

“This time, she designed for a woman besides herself,” said NINAGARCIA. Amen, sister. Good work, girl. I loved this dress.

Kayne showed us that he could edit, but I think this time he edited a little too much. The black dress, while sleek, didn’t meet the challenge, in the sense that the white circular lace-up bigger-than-a-keyhole back made the white seem more of an afterthought than a truly integrated piece in the overall design. Posen thinks it’s Jeckyl and Hyde. NINAGARCIA isn’t crazy about it.

So, tell me, why did Angela and Vincent have to come back again?

Laura wins! Yay! But no immunity. Boo.

Now three are going to get the Auf. Hmm. Oh, sweet Jesus …the pressure.

Angela and Vincent are out. Bravo, why did you even waste my time? Seriously! WTF!

Vincent goes on to say in his (now second) exit interview how he’s been “making beautiful music” [I thought you were making clothes?] forever, and that he’ll continue “making beautiful music” for a long time.

“I do it so damn well. It’s a gift,” he says.

Interesting word choice there, Vincent. One man’s gift is another man’s delusion.

Michael’s in. And he throws up the double sign of the beast. Rock on, playa.

Uli’s in. Phew. Close call!

They question Kayne’s taste level. They say Jeffery is all edge, not much elegance.

Kayne gets the Auf. Peace out, Kayne. I’m not too worried. Kayne’s business is going to boom after this show. He’ll be alright. And he exited the show with all of the grace of a beauty queen.


Shawn said...

This episode annoyed and bored me. It was all unnecessary drama - you are right - why did they bring back angela and vincent? It changed nothing. Although it was nice to see Vincent auf'd again :)

tiff said...

I did a gimmick cough.

But it was nice to see Jeffrey almost piss his pants when Angela came out.


Yes, lets talk about Michael's paisley blazer. On anyone else...not so much. On him? HOT.

Carmen said...

There was much "OH NO-ing" here in Seattle. Wow. I really thought I never had to hear Vincent say that something turned him on again. *shudder*

Still, predictable that neither florette girl or delusional man made it to the finals. I guess god wasn't drunk today.


I guess that the only other person who won a challenge was Keith, and they weren't about to let him back in.

Can't WAIT for the reunion!

Oh, and of course the end. :)


ps: I think that Michael could wear Kayne's "channeling elvis" outfit and by yummy... *sigh*

I can't WAIT for the reunion show!

Carmen said...

(be yummy. BE yummy. I am the typo queen. :)