Jul 28, 2005

Random Thought Thursday

1. I think that when I flirt with people, I freak them out.
2. Why was the Ying Yang Twins promo SUV in the IKEA parking lot?
3. If I eat any more salad, I'm going to turn into a rabbit.
4. Why did my feet hurt more doing the AIDS walk than two days of walking all over Melrose and Disneyland?
5. Will I ever get better at flamenco guitar?
6. What should I have for lunch today?
7. I should really get back into my yoga practice.
8. Will I ever be as eloquent a writer as Brother Kenya or Jones of the Nile?
9. I can't believe he busted out with the "no call, no show" thing on me.
10. Is it time to go home yet?


Brother Kenya said...

Mags, you doll!

diablokof said...

use a custom layout 4 ur blog.
lear html, java or flash..
be creative...

Mags said...

Brother K: I calls 'em like I sees 'em. Your blog rules.

Diablokof: I can't be bothered. I'm a writer, not a computer person thingy.

e. said...

true, Jones of the Nile is frighteningly good... it's like chocolate Tasty Kake cupcakes without the post-consumption guilt!