Jul 20, 2005

No autographs, please

I feel like I've arrived. I've gotten my first comment from a right-winger. In response to my John Roberts post yesterday, I get this:

Dennis K said...
I have an idea on how you and your political party can make some changes to the direction our country is headed - start winning some elections.

Oooooh! He sure showed me!

I feel so special.


Brother Kenya said...

The sure are a witty bunch, aren't they, Mags? Seething with anger, but witty as hell.

e. said...

I'm so jealous!!!! I never get any comments, and especially not from those sort of people!!!

Lily said...

< insert funny comment here >


Tom Harper said...

Oh yes, Dennis K. He was the tragic result of a botched experiment -- it ended up with an eagle's head grafted onto a human torso.

At least he didn't tell you to go back on your medication. That's been his standard retort with every comment. He's branching out now (sort of).