Jul 5, 2005

Could this be the answer to my prayers?

Karl "The Architect" Rove is playing dumb.

Lawrence O'Donnell mentioned a few days ago on the Huffington Post that Doughboy was Time Magazine Reporter Matt Cooper's source rgarding the whole Valerie Plame thing. O'Donnell goes into the issue at length in his July 4 posting. In it, he says:

The next day, Luskin was forced to open the first hole in the Rove two-year wall of silence about the case. In a huge admission to Newsweek and the Los Angeles Times, Luskin confessed that, well, yes, Rove did talk to Cooper. It is a huge admission in a case where Rove and Luskin have never, before Friday, felt compelled to say a word about Rove's contact with Cooper or anyone else involved in the case.

In what is being quickly known as the "But I didn't inhale" defense, Doughboy's in the clear because, well, he didn't KNOWINGLY reveal any confidential information. Doughboy Lawyer Robert Luskin emphatically asserts that his round-faced client didn't reveal any secrets, but basically - as stated in the LA Times article:

Newsweek magazine reported on its website Saturday that Rove was one of Cooper's sources identified in notes that Time turned over to Fitzgerald. And separately, MSNBC political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell said in a taped TV program that he had information indicating Rove was one of Cooper's sources. O'Donnell's comments were made in a segment of "The McLaughlin Group" that was set to air in Los Angeles on PBS Saturday night.

Either way, Doughboy is involved. In what capacity, remains to be seen.

My question is, even though Robert Novak was the first to break the story on Valerie Plame, why is the federal investigation focusing on reporters Cooper and Miller? Is anyone going after Novak? If not, why not? Or have they, and I just totally missed the memo? Someone school me.

In any case, if Cooper and Miller go to jail for refusing to reveal their sources, more power to them. They're doing their part to maintain whatever dignity journalists have left.

Props to Tamara over at T and A for the heads up.


Tamara said...

I hope this is what it looks like and not just some crazy liberal thing that's just going to make us semi-sane liberals look like kooks.

Brother Kenya said...

Ha, I just posted on the same thing! Let's saturate the blogosphere with this sumbitch, eh?

Jet said...

Novak is a right wing doofwad. He's one on THEM, Mags.