Jul 24, 2005

I lovehate L.A.

In case you care, I had a pretty fun time in L.A. this weekend, aside from the fact that it was hotter than hell all weekend. And I do not get down with hot weather at all. Especially when every inch of your body feels bloated and huge and sweaty and dirty. Which is pretty much how I felt all day at Disneyland yesterday.

Disneyland was pretty fun this time around (heat aside) because we got to ride the new and improved Space Mountain (it's basically smoother and faster). And I'm now totally in love with the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride. For nostalgia's sake, we also rode "it's a small world." The design is shabby compared to some of the other rides, and toward the end, I wanted to hit myself on the head with a brick to get that damn song out of my head. Hello, can we say IASW is in desperate need of a makeover?

The themepark started celebrating its 50th anniversary this month, so it was great that we were able to join in the festivities. And while I know I'm a cynical bitch sometimes, watching the Mickey Mouse "Fantasmic" light/fireworks/live action presentation got me all misty eyed in some parts. I guess the Magic Kingdom does that to some people.

Or I'm just getting sappier in my old age.


mrgumby2u said...

Of course we care what kind of weekend you had in LA! As for, "And while I know I'm a cynical bitch sometimes...", I don't think you're that cynical.

PSoTD said...

Yeah, but how was Pirates of the Carribean?

Mags said...

PSOTD: Pirates was ok. If the ride was supposed to be telling you a story, I didn't get it. All I kept thinking the entire time was, "And they made a movie about this?"

Mr. Gumby: Aww, thanks. And I am cynical. Okay, maybe only 30%. :D