Jul 14, 2005

Corporate psychopaths

Fast Company magazine came out with this article recently that discusses how many big-name business executives would score against the Hare PsychopathyChecklist. It's quite an interesting article. Now, I'm no psychologist, but this confirms my own personal theory that psychopathy (Fastow) and narcissism (Trump) go hand-in-hand.

Reading this article reminded me of a story of a former CEO at a company I used to work for that quickly became legend. Hugh McColl, former CEO of Bank of America Corporation (post-NationsBank merger, that is) was rumored to have placed a hand grenade on the boardroom table. The idea was to check to see who flinched. Those that didn't got a gold star or something.

I wonder what he'd score on the checklist? Hmm.

Read more of the Fast Company article here. But don't let your boss see.

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