Jul 31, 2006

Why running sucks

A runner died during the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday in what appeared to be the first fatality in the event's 29-year history.

William Goggins, 43, of San Francisco, collapsed from apparent heart failure after he passed the 24-mile mark of the 26.2 mile race, authorities said.
Fine. I'll start riding my bike again.

Stop looking at me like that.

My heartfelt condolences to the Goggins family.


Efren said...

At least I can say that after running 2+ marathons, I can really say that I hate running with a passion.

I'm a way better swimmer than I ever was as a runner anyway.

Anonymous said...

running is what people do when they are afraid of shit. I fear nothing, which is why I walk/saunter everywhere I go, people look at me and go "holy shit, check out that guy, he fears nothing" Then, I kill their children. The lesson here? Dont feed bears. People who do, have heart attacks in a marathon, plus, running that far is just plain assinine.

I am awesome.