Jul 3, 2006

Let's have a priority shift, please

The potential for nuclear war is all too real now, since North Korea now says it will not hesitate to retaliate a pre-emptive attack by the U.S.

So what's the Bush administration doing about it? This reponse from Tony Snow doesn't do anything to alleviate any feelings of apprehension and fear that I'm experiencing right now:
White House spokesman Tony Snow refused to respond to what he called "a hypothetical situation."

"It is a statement about what may happen if something that hasn't happened happened, if you follow my drift," he said.
But isn't that the way to formulate a strategy? Anticipate your opponent's next move and then deal with it, rather than take a "wait and see" position? Is the Bush administration underestimating North Korea? If so, we are fucked (emphasis mine):
Washington and Japan have said in recent weeks that spy satellite images show North Korea has taken steps to prepare a long-range Taepodong-2 missile for a test-launch.

Estimates for the range of the missile vary widely, but at least one U.S. study said it could be able to reach parts of the United States with a light payload.
I know there's no oil there, but for fuck's sake --- what are we going to do about North Korea?


Polt said...

According to Fred Barnes on FauxNews, it's Clinton's fault that we're having a problem with N. Korea. It seems he signed a treaty, or made an agreement or something that "hamstrung" the USA, and we didn't react to N. Korea in time.

I know this isnt' a solution to the problem, but since when has FauxNews ever dealt with solutions?

I just wonder, if Bushie hadn't been so busy trying to secure all Iraq's oil for his buddies in Texas, would he maybe have been able to do something about this N. Korea thing before it got this bad?

Laurie said...

LOL @ u, mags. If there's no oil, there's no cause for pre-emption.

Kvatch said...

If there's no oil, there's no cause for pre-emption.

Well and the fact that even the best North Korean missile can only hit the West Coast (maybe) means that the Republican's really have nothing to lose.

But more seriously, their fueling process is so dangerous, and the fuel they use so volatile, that they basically get a single shot. Hard to wage nuclear war a shot at a time.

qubit said...

but for fuck's sake --- what are we going to do about North Korea?

What are we going to do or what should we do? Because I think the two have completely different answers. "Are going to do," is probably use it to scare people, make a few threats, and generally goad North Korea. "Should do"? Well, that one's a bitch of a question. Diplomacy is kinda fucked, seeing as the Bush Administration has earned a reputation for negotiating in bad faith and reneging on obligations (not to mention Kim Jong Il's general batshit insanity). War is completely off the table (I hope), since even without North Korea using nukes it would involve writing off all of Seoul in the first day of shooting. And I don't mean Seoul being captured, I mean completely obliterated. (Back in '02 I had a long discussion about this where, pulling some info from the FAS website and making some conservative assumptions, some of us calculated that it would take North Korea less than 8 hours to land a million shells and rockets on Seoul without crossing the DMZ or moving a single artillery piece.) Besides, our whole military is already tied down in Mess O'Potamia. I'm really worried that the best we could hope for is China negotiating something with North Korea, since they sure don't want another Korean War either. That's far from ideal, though, especially considering that China basically pwn3z us already.

Adobo said...

Hmmm. Washington State, Oregon, California....assuming all within strike range of the missles. Hmmm. The only blue states in the west. Hmmmm. Consequently, I think Bush will surely egg Jong-il on. Hmmm. I fear Star Wars episode 7. UGH

Mags said...

All y'all: Good points. I guess I am just feeling hopeless and despondent, because even if their missles only reach Seoul at best, we all know that the aftermath will have worldwide consequences.

Laurie, stop laughing at me. :-P

And what's "pwn3z"? I'm so out of the loop.

Adobo said...

pwn3z = owns?