Jul 6, 2006

Oak Park is cool, except if you're like, fat and stuff.

Oak Park, some Chicago suburb billed as one of the "sexiest," told Lane Bryant, the women's plus-size clothing retailer, that it wasn't a good "fit" for this new retail complex it was building, saying that they wanted a retailer that was more "broad based," rather than one that fills a niche market. Niche market? Oy.

First of all, what makes a suburb sexy?

Second of all, you think there aren't any fat people in Chicago? Don't even.
[Village President David] Pope said it's "ridiculous" to suggest the denial has anything to do with plus-sized shoppers -- but developer Rich Curto said he's been given no explanation for why Lane Bryant isn't welcome, opening the door for speculation.

Curto wants the store to open in a building at 1116 Lake St., being touted as "the first newly built retail business" Oak Park has seen in the last 10 years.

Because the village previously owned the property, it took the rare step of reserving the right to have final say over any retail tenants in the private property.

In a letter to RSC, Oak Park deputy village manager M. Ray Wiggins says that while village officials are "greatly encouraged by the appearance and obvious quality" of the new building, Lane Bryant is not "the kind and quality" of store they want there and they hope RSC can find a store more "befitting of ... the village."
Yes. I'm sure the village known for being the birthplace of Bob Newhart needs to uphold this image of snobbery and exclusivity or something. You know, especially for a community whose median household income is somewhere around the $70,000/year mark.

Get over yourselves already.


catherine said...

Right, but you can have any gluttonous disgusting food place that serves gianormous portions in the shopping center.

Cecilia said...

No fat people in Chicago? Have you seen Da Superfans? Have mercy!

dan said...

As a native Chicagoan who fled years ago and currently spends LOTS of time there dealing with family business, I can attest to the obesity balloon in Chicago. It's most notable now that it's summer. Oak Park is a very old suburb and does not like to be confused with real suburbs. So, FYI, suggestions that there is a mall in Oak Park might be taken as an offense by Oak Parkers. After all, it gave the world Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright's first homes and studio, so it takes itself quite seriously in a nobless oblige kind of way. The annual big day there is a mock "run with the bulls" with people in bull masks chasing other people through the streets. That much said, dissing Lane Bryant is very suspicious. Watch for a Vickie's Secret or A&F to fill the space.