Jul 25, 2006

I see stupid people.

I hate to call people stupid, but I have to say: Residents of Black Hawk, Colo. are STOO-PID.

Basically, former Councilman David Spellman pleaded guilty for pistol-whipping his wife in 2005, but in a plea bargain, got off with probation for felony charges of menacing and third-degree assault.

So then, they made him mayor.
The town of Black Hawk's vote for the new mayor was unanimous. They said there was no history of assault, and they were willing to give him a second chance.

"If there's a message in this, it's that if you engage in domestic violence in Black Hawk, you will be prosecuted no matter who you are," said Black Hawk spokesman, Chuck Ford. "The courts will sentence you and we will see that you live up to the sentence."
They think this will have no effect on his ability to serve as mayor, since there was no history of assault. And on that note, apparently his wife's pistol-whipping has affected her cognition, because the couple has since reconciled.

Good thing he wasn't being prosecuted for getting a blow job from an intern, because we all know how that goes!

(Thanks to Roger Ailes - the good one - for the link.)

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Polt said...

I guess the town figured they wouldn't have problems with pseky, slow civil servants anymore. Line too long at the local DMV: Mayor'll pistol whip em! Town road crews just sitting around on the job: Mayor'll pistol whip em!

man, people are stupid.