Jun 28, 2006

Trigger locks? Who needs 'em?

Apparently that's what the GOP-controlled House was thinking when they voted today to overturn a law requiring safety triggers on all handguns sold in the U.S.

An existing safety law. Repealed.
The Republican-controlled House handed a victory to opponents of gun control by a vote of 230-191.

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, a Colorado Republican, argued that the added cost of the trigger locks is passed on to gun owners and that they "do not stop accidental shootings."
And, as if this is any surprise:
Last fall, President George W. Bush signed legislation giving gun makers broad protections from civil lawsuits, but that law contained the mandatory trigger lock provision.
Jah forbid we keep those safety trigger locks on our guns, because then, you know, we might actually feel safer and at ease having these weapons in the house, if only just a little bit.

The better to keep you fearful and easily controlled, my pretties.

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