Jun 22, 2006

Public Service Announcements in Iraq

They don't really expect this to be effective, do they? You know, these US-made public service announcements asking would-be insurgents to please be a dear and not suicide bomb:
It's a tall order considering that post-occupation Iraq is now rife with militant groups and plagued by increasing sectarian violence. In March alone there were an estimated 175 suicide bombings. There’s also the question of just who will be able to see the PSA. The cost of owning a TV is often prohibitive for the average Iraqi, and those who are affluent enough to get Iraq’s state-sponsored programs are not always thrilled by what they’re seeing. Though there is the new, post-Saddam Iraqi Media Network (IMN), its $6-million monthly budget is provided by the United States and many local viewers feel that its positive reports on the U.S.-led war are simply propaganda so they turn to satellite TV instead. Those who are lucky enough to obtain a satellite dish can receive programs from all over the world as well as independent, Arab-run news channels like Al-Jazeera. And will the type of young man drawn to extremist groups be likely to sit around watching TV?
They really know their audience, don't they? Oy.

On a side note, I think it's hilarious that they blow up a Yugo in the PSA spot.

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Laurie said...

Must be the brainchild of the genius who suggested we bring in thousands of U.S. flags for the grateful Iraqis who would greet us as liberators once we demolished their homes and bombed their children.