Jun 9, 2006

Is this thing on?

Blogger's downtime really screwed up my ability to comment on the events of the past two days. And I had some zingers, too.

Oh, and P.S., don't be high-fiving each other and pumping up the pony keg just yet, right wingers. The death of al-Zarqawi just means more violence and retaliation. And hey, maybe this means they'll focus on trying to find bin Laden again?

We'll see.

What's Bush's approval rating today?

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Tom Harper said...

I don't know what's been up with Blogger. I posted comments that didn't post; I tried to do posts that wouldn't publish. Right now it seems to be working. (Knock wood.)

I don't know if Bush's polls will go up or not. The rightwing bloggers are sure falling all over themselves and each other, but they're probably part of that 29% who worship Bush no matter what.