Feb 27, 2005

Yes, it's one of those days.

Courtesy of Ember:

What is your name? "Mags"
What is your Starsign? Capricorn
Your favourite colour? Light blue
List your 3 favourite songs: "What about the half," Dennis Brown; "Pagan Poetry," Bjork; "Definition/RE:definition," Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
List your 3 favourite films: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Silence of the Lambs, Rushmore
Do you dream in colour or black and white? I don't pay attention
What did you dream last night? I think I was doing the nasty with someone, I forget.
Who is your favourite male actor? Ed Norton, Benicio Del Toro, James Spader, Alan Rickman
Who is your favourite female actress? Uma Thurman, Parker Posey
What is your favourite 'Take Away' food? Carnitas super burrito
Bath or Shower? Shower; baths are just an excuse to luxuriate in your own filth
Salted popcorn or sweet? Kettle corn!
What is your natural eye colour? Dark brown
What is your natural hair colour? Black
When was the last time you cried? I'm not sure. A few weeks ago, maybe.
Which is your favourite flavour of crisps? Cheddar & Sour Cream
Name your favourite perfume/aftershave: Amarige de Givenchy
What was the last thing you watched on television? Something on Food Network, probably
What was the last book you read? The DaVinci Code
What is your biggest fear? Death
List your 3 favourite websites: Salon, BigUpRadio, the Star Wars Gangsta Rap

What is your lucky number? I'll let you know when I win the Lotto.
Opera or Pantomime? Opera. But only Mozart.
Do you believe in fate? Sometimes
Do you believe in reincarnation? No
Who was the last person you kissed? My parents
What was the last thing you ate? Capellini pomodoro with shrimp >burp<

Do you like Marmite? WTF?
What magazine/newspaper do you regularly read? SPIN, The Nation, Rolling Stone, InStyle
Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Too cold
What do you think are your best and worst qualities? Best: I'm generous, loyal, funny, and a good listener. Worst: I'm too introspective and critical. Oh, and some bastards say I'm overly sensitive. Fuck that.
Who was your first love? This guy from high school named Andy. I had such a big crush on him, and then one day I was being a nerd and I yelled at him. Things were never the same between us again. He ended up marrying this cheerleader chick that none of us liked. Sad face.
When was the last time you blushed? A few days ago, when I got in trouble for something
Roughly how many hours a week do you spend on the internet? Hi, my name is Mags, and I'm an Internet-a-holic.
Who is your best friend? Virge and Mel
What was the last website you visited?
NY Times
Score your personality from 1-10, 10 being the highest: I'll say somewhere between a 7.5 - 9.

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Isabel said...

Oh no you didn't say James Spader was one of your favorite actors. Oh, so you like the whole "I'msmarmybutIliketopretendIhavesexappeal" acting schtick? hehehe. But word up on Benicio del Toro! He needs to be my huuuuuuuzband! Mkay? Remind me to tell you the story of how he .... um...... oh heck, I just can't bring myself to type it. Just ask me to tell you the Benicio "foot" story. Let me know when you find out what Marmite is.

Awaiting your Oscars comments........... - Isa