Feb 21, 2005

Instant gratification

I bought a new iPod during my lunch break. You know, one of those 40GB ones. When I want to spend money, I don't mess around. I was thinking about getting the photo iPod, until I realized it didn't actually take pictures. Don't laugh, I never claimed to be a technogeek.

I know you're jealous.

Some of you visiting from BlogExplosion may have clicked here after seeing my banner. Props to Ang for giving me instant gratification and coming up with a quick and rough version for me to use.

I think I've posted enough for today.


The Cure said...

Lucky... I want an ipod. I am convinced I need an ipod.

Bubblehead said...

I am going to be getting an ipod soon as well, right after I get my taxes back and get a job. Thanks for coming by Bubblehead.