Feb 23, 2005

Morford's back!

My favorite columnist, Mark Morford, is back from vacation. I love this man. I dedicate my ovaries to him. Even if he already has a girlfriend, I don't care, I'll cockblock for this sucka.

Morford's first article back discusses the death of Hunter S. Thompson and the implications this has on modern journalism. Don’t get all offended by his reference to "cutely agitated bloggers." His message is much greater than that.

Journalism is supposed to inform and encourage dialogue among its readership. It's supposed to question authority. This space we inhabit, this so-called blogosphere - just might be the "check" on traditional media that is so necessary. This discourse already exists in our world. Bloggers have been responsible for being the first to break some of the top news stories in the last few years. Let's keep it going.

Read up, bloggers. And comment. And counter-comment. Even if mainstream media spoon-feeds the general population its own brand of McNews, at least there will be a bubbling undercurrent of unfettered discourse taking place in our world. Maybe it'll be just the thing to get mainstream media to get real.

At least, that's what I'm hoping.


Angie said...

He's back??? Why didn't I know this?? Oh yeah! I'm on vacation this week, so haven't gotten his article sent to my work email addy yet.

Kabooke Quantum Fighter said...

important words. i like your style gurrl. my ovaries are yours. even though im not a big fan of these newsblogs that reguritate the morning papers i do agree this medium is a more interactive and legitimate form of discourse that is so neccessary today. you could even call it 'neccessary evil?' ;)