Jun 23, 2007

No one under 17 allowed to read this blog

Who knew?

Online Dating


(I don't know how to get rid of that "online dating" link, so forgive my Ludditeosity.)

UPDATE 6/25: Thanks to my new friend at pins&needles for the HTML help! I am now online-dating-link free!

Thanks to Commandante Agi for the inspiration.


pins&needles said...

I got a PG. I don't know why because I cuss every now and then and I make sexual remarks when it's funny. Who knows.

Oh yeah, you can take off the dating thing if you take off the rest of the coding after the "< /a>". Make sure you save the coding before doing that or do a preview so I won't make you screw up the post on accident.

Mags said...

Girl, you rule. It totally worked.