Jun 25, 2007

Beersicles, anyone?

I have to hand it to Executive Chef Frank Morales of McLean, Va.'s Rustico Restaurant for figuring out a way to create what is essentially frozen beer on a stick:
After weeks of testing several hundred beer varieties to find flavors that taste good on a stick, Rustico finally settled on three flavors: "Raspbeer-y," made with a Belgian, fruit-style beer; "Plum," made from a Belgian Lambic brew; and the "Fudgesicle," made with a stout with bittersweet chocolate undertones. He plans to offer other flavors on a rotating basis.

The beer pops sell for $4 in the six-ounce size, shaped like a traditional Popsicle, and $6 for a larger "beer cone."
Personally, I always find it hard enough to finish a pint before it goes warm, so I wonder if having it in popsicle form would be an easier way for me to get my swerve on.

I fear the Brain Freeze, though.

P.S. Don't hate on me for linking to Faux News, please. I had to work with what I had. Don't judge.

UPDATE: What about pizza-flavored beer?

(Photo credit: AP)

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