Jun 9, 2007


I always hated the color pink. And now, I hate it even more:
THE WAGS have been doing it for years – but now every woman’s dream is about to come true with the launch of an airline for shopping trips to Paris, Milan and New York.

Called FlyPink in homage to all things girly, the airline which promises to put the glamour back into air travel, has a totally frivolous fuchsia-pink livery.

It makes its inaugural flight to Paris next month from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport.

Passengers will sip pink champagne in a pink-themed cabin aboard the 100-seat Fokker aircraft. They will even be treated to a free manicure at the airport before they fly.

The boutique airline is aimed at Coleen McLoughlin and Vic­toria Beckham wannabes aged 21 to 35.

Heh heh. The aircraft's name is Fokker.

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pins&needles said...

I hate most pink things, but I can't say that I don't own shirts in that color. What I do hate is gender specific products and services that target that niche audience. I was discussing with my friend about the tool kit made for women and how lame that is. Why would these things "for women" are any different?