Jun 26, 2007

Free At Last

So what's the first thing Paris Hilton did after getting out of jail?

Bitch went and got herself a weave.

I thought three weeks in prison made her eschew the ways of vapidity and move toward a life full of meaning and purpose?

Silly me!



Renegade Eye said...

Really good blog.

Actually Paris Hilton got a stiffer sentence, than most others for the same crime. The hang paris crowd are not progressive.

catherine said...

Please don't tell me that you're surprised.

Mags said...

Am totally not!

I.M. Dedd said...

Didn't Jesus have a weave after he spent that time in the desert? Look what it did for him.

fashiongirl said...

Yeah the first time she got sprung she had a spray tan. I'm sure that made her feel much more secure when they tossed her back in the pokey. No woman wants to look ashy, especially around fluorescent lights!