Dec 27, 2006

Ford vs. Brown

That Colored Fella asks the eternal question:

Who had a greater impact on American society:
Gerald Ford or James Brown?

If you ask me, I'd say Mr. Sex Machine.


Kvatch said...

I'd have to agree Mags. I don't think that America's 'healing' after Watergate was during Ford's tenure. It was during Carter's. Therefore, I'd also give the nod to James Brown.

seamus said...

I was doing some searches on Technorati this morning, and if it's any indication, daily blog posts about JB are outnumbering GF about 2-to-1.

MikeJ said...

Mags, sorry, can you clarify...when you say Mr. Sex Machine, you're referring to Gerald Ford, right?


Coffee Messiah said...

Hands down, James Brown for sure! ; )

Polt said...

I'm not sure who had the better moves: Brown on the dance floor, or Ford on airplane stairwells? :)

HUGS and HAppy New Year!

Mags said...

Actually, Mike, I was referring to your brother.