Feb 5, 2007


Cameron at Overstated compiled a side-by-side comparison of San Francisco neighborhoods with their supposed cognates in NYC. (I thought Chelsea was the east coast's answer to the Castro, but what do I know?)

Check it out here. As to be expected, there's much discussion in the comments secton.

I've never lived in NYC, only visited many times, but I never ever thought of Union Square:SoHo, though. Yeah, you can shop in both places, but that's too easy a comparison. SoHo's more edgy and modern, reminding me of boutiques you'd find in Hayes Valley/the Mission/the Haight, even. But Union Square? For hustle-and-bustle and public transportation hub factor, I say Union Square:Times Square (minus the roasted nut carts in the winter - yum!).

Also, Staten Island's feeling a bit left out, although I've never been there to even venture to give my own opinion on it.

I guess Oakland's what ... Hoboken?

Don't hate on Oakland, yo. Seriously.

Cameron is right about one thing though: Jah help you find even a semi-decent burrito in NYC.

(Props to Overstated for soothing my Manhattanlust, as I had to postpone my NYC trip again.)


S said...

You had to go there...didn't you? Its Apples and Oranges ...Oh and keep your Mexican food as long and you don't think California is great for any other food...WTF is sour dough anyway???? and WHY???

Mags said...

Hell yes I went there! :D

California is great for all types of food, by the way. And sourdough? It's only like, the best bread EVAR!