Feb 9, 2007

Git 'er done

Wine consumption is up among NASCAR fans.
While NASCAR fans' growing penchant for wine may sound surprising, team owners and racecar drivers are not surprised at all. NASCAR team owner, Richard Childress, has ventured into the wine business, as has driver, Jeff Gordon. In 2005, Gordon announced a series of upscale wines under a self- titled label, the Jeff Gordon Collection.
While 70% of total NASCAR fans' wine consumption is domestic, no mention was made about how much of that was of the boxed variety.

:: rimshot ::


Tamara said...

Not to mention the wine 'cooler' form of wine...mmmmm, Boone's Farm.

MikeJ said...

The Jeff Gordon collection? As someone who knows a little bit about Nascar due to a rabid father, I can only imagine that the Jeff Gordon wine brand only gives impetus to the loathing that so many fans show him. Jeff Gordon's the pretty boy.

It's a shame that Dick Trickle, a former Nascar driver, didn't think of this first.

pinsandneedles said...

Hhmmm... NASCAR wine is not my idea of a classy drink that would complement my meal.

Also, I get to be the carrier of more stupid NASCAR news: Harlequin has created a NASCAR series targeting its fans. Hopefully, they mean female fans or else I'm going to throw up. I heard this from a friend who is a sales associate at a chain bookstore. He busted a gut when he saw this on the shelf.