Oct 11, 2005

Streetwars SF: Get Your Assassination On

Street Wars, the round-robin, 24/7 water gun assassination tournament in NYC and Vancouver is making its way to San Francisco.

Get in touch with your inner La Femme Nikita/John Wilkes Booth/Lee Harvey Oswald and sign up by Nov. 2.

At the start of the game you will receive a manila envelope containing the following:
  • A picture of your intended target(s)
  • The home address of your intended target(s)
  • The work address of your intended target(s)
  • The name of your intended target(s)
  • Contact information of your intended target(s)

Upon receipt of these items, your (or your team's) mission is to find and kill (by way of water gun, water balloon or super soaker) your target(s). You can hunt your target down any way you see fit; you can pose as a delivery person and jack them when they open the door, disguise yourself and take them out on the street, etc. If you are successful in your assassination attempt, the person you killed will give you their envelope and the person they were supposed to kill becomes your new target. This continues until you work yourself through all the players and retrieve the envelope with your (or your team's) picture(s) and name(s). Then you win. Cash…but first live in fear.

This sounds like uberfun of the freakiest kind. I don't live *in* San Francisco, so I wonder if I can still participate ...


Anonymous said...

Reminds me a little of Gotcha

revidescent said...

that sounds like fun! too bad i'm only in town for 3-4 days at a time.

JoyM said...

Hopefully you don't die on Day 1, like I did!