Oct 5, 2005

My Two Cents

Sorry for the light posting. SUPER busy.

I hate talking points. I swear to Jah, if I hear the phrase "judicial philosophy" one more time ...

"Harriet Miers is an intelligent lawyer who shares the president's judicial philosophy." - Leonard Leo, Federalist Society (courtesy of CNN)

"The President, when he looks to nominate someone to the bench, he looks for someone who has a conservative judicial philosophy, a philosophy that is based on strictly interpreting our Constitution and our laws." -
Scott McClellan, 10/5/05 press briefing

"She shares my judicial philosophy. She is a pioneer when it comes to the law. She's an extraordinary woman." -
Dubya, 10/04/05 press conference

And why is James Dobson, Mr. Focus on the Family, all up in the mix? "Some of what I know I am not at liberty to talk about," Dobson tells the New York Times. Why does he know shit about her that nobody else does? What, did he bang her or something?

And I'm sorry, but hearing the words "trust me" from Mr. Go Fuck Yourself hardly puts me at ease.

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