Oct 30, 2005

Oh, Good Lord.

Raj, the bow-tied smarm meister on "The Apprentice" is running for Congress. I don't even know what else to say.

Bhakta, 29, has never been elected to anything but project manager. But the real-estate developer thinks he'll defeat incumbent Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Allyson Schwartz in '06. "People would be remiss to think, 'Who is this guy from a television show?' We're not talking like I made it on 'The Real World'."
Beyond the prospect of Omarosa stumping for him, Bhakta is an unusual candidate. He's a pro-choice Republican with reservations about President Bush's policies toward Iraq and the economy. "One of the reasons I'm getting involved in politics is an overall platform of reform, reform, reform," Bhakta says. "Our government needs to begin focusing on education, health care and the environment."


mofo said...

He'll never beat Schwartz, it kind of makes me ill that I live in his congressional disctrict.

vcthree said...


That fool won't even make it out of the GOP primary, let alone win the election a year from now.