Oct 3, 2005

Harriet! Harri-ET! *

Dubya and Harriet Miers, in what can only be described as the most unflattering debut pic ever.
(Photo credit: Salon.com)

What's Dubya up to? His recent nomination of White House Counsel (and long-time Dubya crony) Harriet Miers is not only making the left skeptical, but the super-conservative right-wing of the GOP is pissed that they didn't get a cloned version of Scalia or Thomas.

The conservatives reacted first with befuddlement, then with horror. Rush Limbaugh called the nomination a sign of "weakness." The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol declared himself "disappointed, depressed and demoralized." Republican scold Pat Buchanan said Miers' qualifications were "nonexistent." Right-wing strategist Richard Viguerie suggested a betrayal. Former White House speechwriter David Frum, who worked with Miers, asked hopelessly, "What has been done with the opportunity?"

Oy vey. As if they don't control the entire three branches of our nation's government already. Give me a break.

As for my thoughts on all this, all I can say right now - given the fact that I haven't had time to read up on this today - is that ... at least she's a woman. Granted, she's also a woman who thinks Dubya is "brilliant" (I heard that gem on NPR this morning).

Yeah, she doesn't have any experience as a judge. But that could be a good thing. A breath of fresh air. A new perspective.

But the larger context here - a context which makes me feel quite uncomfortable - is that yet again, Dubya has sought to promote, as Media Matters says, well-connected people in high-ranking government positions.

Seriously, is Dubya THAT dumb? To get criticized for the missteps of former FEMA head Michael Brown, to now-Chief Justice Roberts' insta-promotion, and now this. Does the guy NOT have any sense of at least pretending to learn from his mistakes? Maybe distance himself a little, trying not to repeat the past? I mean she was his personal lawyer while he was governor of Texas, for Jah's sake. Oy vey. Time will tell ...

*Nod to "So I Married an Axe Murderer." Don't you just love my sense of humor? Don't answer that.


seamus said...

"Piper down... We got a piper down." Sorry, just saw that movie again a couple weeks ago.

Harriet Miers is another crony, a total mediocrity underserving of this nomination. What a shameful day.

e. said...

"hard hearted harbinger of haggis!"

miers looks like the Emperor from Star Wars. I"m going to go home tonight and photoshop a hood on her, and then everyone will see the truth!!!!