Nov 5, 2007

Sexy vs. Pretty

One man's opinion:

For a woman to be sexy in a man's eyes she must possess at least some of these qualities:

1. She must be able to dress classy but provocatively, regardless of her career, and she should care less about what people think...never forgets, she's a woman first.

2. She should take care of herself physically. However, that doesn't mean she has to be a specific body type or weight, it simply implies she can't dress or look lazy.

3. Sexy women walk with a slow and definite confidence...not march or, conversely, slump around.

4. She makes eye contact

5. Her perfume should be present but not over-powering.

6. She can't have a "sour puss" or get up on a soapbox and complain all the time.

7. It's best if her hair is clean and of feminine length.

8. She should be able to hold down a solid conversation and have her own opinions.

9. She should be able to take a joke...even if it's dirty.

10. She should never be on her phone, chewing gum, and laughing like a hyena caught in a bear trap.
I want to say something about why I'm still single here, but I can't even think of anything witty to say at the moment.

Anyway. Talk amongst yourselves.


pins&needles said...

Geez, I thought sexism was beyond us in today's society. I suppose if this man thinks that all these should be the characteristics of a woman, then he must be disatisfied with 90% of women today. Should we start defining what men should and shouldn't be/do? I think I have strucken upond a good blog post. Thanks, Mags!

Anonymous said...

Are they that bad?

2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 sound fairly reasonable to me (and they certainly apply to men too!).

3, 5 and 10 are kind of restrictive, but as one person's preferences he has a right to them. I don't share them, but I'm not going to complain that someone else does.

1 and 7 are potentially sexist, partly because of the loaded words like 'classy' & 'feminine'.

Mags said...

"Anonymous": Actually, I posted this because I saw it as an opportunity to make some kind of self-deprecating attempt at humor.

Pins: I can see your point. I didn't really take all that much offense to the list, but I will admit there was a little something inside that made me feel kind of small. Something about feeling like I had to conform against someone else's standard of beauty/sexiness or feeling judged, etc. and that if I didn't conform or fit within that, I was less of a woman.

Oooh. Chile, don't even get me started.

a. said...

Okay, so I'm slow--I've had no time to be amused by Mags-ness and am only just glimpsing at this now. But OMG! This list SO set me off. It's not that it's *all* misogynist or outrageous, just that *enough* of it is. *One* man's *opinion* is right--just one.