Feb 20, 2008

Project Runway After Party - Season 4

Episode 12: The Reunion Show (aka NINAGARZILLA)

I didn't think there was anything too spectacular about this reunion show, so I'd just like to leave you with my observations.

  1. Why do bangs look so much better on other people (and by "other people," I mean "Heidi Klum") except me?
  2. Why was Victorya upset about Jack leaving?
  3. Why did the camera immediately cut to Victorya when the designers complained about eating so much Chinese take out?
  4. I think it's safe to assume that the entire cast and crew of this season's Project Runway HATED Victorya.
  5. I love how Heidi says “Lincoln, Nebraska.”
  6. Ricky. Crying. I'm over it.
  7. The montages? I was a little underwhelmed by them. Except:
  8. Elisa's extraterrestrial video montage rivaled Guadalupe's in terms of sheer train wreckedness.
  9. Watching Michael Kors lose his poker face over the corny runway antics of the RAW divas just touched my heart.
  10. Ramilicious? Is that the best you could do?
  11. Spread Eagle: Best Wrestler Name. Evar.
  12. NINAGARZILLA. I'm just saying.
  13. Christian is the fan favorite. Fierce. I think I identify with Christian because I, too, am fierce.
  14. Michael Knight! I know Tiffany is dying right now!
  15. Check out Heidi trying to drink in Michael Knight’s scent.
  16. Chris' laugh? Not all that. But I still love him.
  17. Jillian's human after all. She came off 40% more interesting. And her pirouette? Fierce.

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tiff said...

I know, Step off Heidi!

What a snoozer of a reunion show. They better make up for it next week.

mithu said...

I read somewhere that victorya was upset that jack left because she felt that he was forced out of the show. her being upset had nothing to do with his having HIV. at least that's what i read and it actually makes a lot of sense. when i watched the show i was also VERY bewildered and even annoyed at her for being upset because i thought that she had a problem with him. but then i read the theory i posted above and "a light dawned over (marble) head" and i had one of those, "ah yes" moments.

i loved all of them though i don't think i started watching until carmen had already left...not sure though.

and my sister and i LOVED christian...he's hilarious!

pins&needles said...

I don't look good in bangs either. I just look like an Asian school girl. I have to do something with them, like sweep them to the side all fancy. Hhmm... maybe I should put tiny streaks in them to make them look not ordinary? I dunno.

I didn't care to see the reunion show. There isn't as much drama-esque stuff going on this season as much as the previous ones.

Andy said...

Bangs - they require hair, I believe. I have given up on that, wisely.

Mags: good to see that you are still blogging rigorously! Inspirational!

Andy (a vacancy for so long) x