Feb 19, 2008

I am officially crazy.

I don't know what got into me, but I just put up one of those fancy online dating profiles on Chemistry.com.

I've not had great luck in the dating arena, to put it mildly, and my last relationship (if you can even call it that) ended badly. As soon as I hit "enter" after entering my credit card information, a wave of terror rushed through me. I feel vulnerable and scared and am wondering if I can even go through with all of this. Is anyone going to find me attractive? Will I find anyone attractive enough to endure hours of small talk and butterflies in my stomach?


catherine said...

Don't sell yourself short, you are cute, smart, fun, and intelligent. If guy doesn't see that you rock, then he is missing out.

Mags said...

Thanks, Catherine.

I do realize that I am all of those things. I also do realize that many of them are perfectly content with missing out on me and my wonderfulness. I think that's the part that has me flummoxed.

Whatever. I will survive.