Jan 9, 2008

Project Runway After Party - Season 4

Episode 7: "What a Girl Wants"
(or, alternatively,"Designers, don't even think about not finishing your hems!")

The sun rises over the horizon, and we see the designers getting ready for the day. We finally see how Christian gets his hair like that (hairdryer).

Rami has immunity for this week’s challenge, which is to make an outfit for one of the most important days in a woman’s life. Rami hopes it’s not for a wedding dress. Me neither, because I don't think I could handle a sappy episode right now.

Heidi calls out a bunch of New Jersey Catholic schoolgirls, who walk out in khaki skirts and white polo shirts. The designers are going to be making prom dresses, and the designers are relieved. Except Christian, who thinks prom is “horrible and tacky and gross.”

The kids got to chose their own designers themselves after looking at their portfolios. Chris March warns his client to not get too scared, because he might design some Beach Blanket Babylon outfit!

This is gonna be gooood.

In the workroom, Tim tells the designers that they’ll have strong ideas about the dresses, but they have to remember that they’ll need to also assert their own personal style.
Budget: $250
Time: One and a half (?) days

Upon consulting with their clients:
  • Kevin asserts his Jerz street cred while publicly declaring that he’ll put a chastity belt inside the dress, just how mom likes it.
  • Victorya’s client got last pick, so it's not like she really wanted to pick Victorya, although her client does her best to convince her that she did. Burn!
  • Sweet P has to struggle with a client who wants a really revealing, ivory dress.
  • Christian’s fabulous client takes the pencil out of Christian’s hand and starts telling him that she wants a train, and gold, and lace. Christian wants to cry.

At Mood (whose tote bags I TOTALLY WANT, by the way), the designers choose their fabrics, yadda yadda.

We see Christian’s prom picture. I think he looks way better with a mohawk.

Jillian wants to make a “mosaic” of a dress. Everyone reminisces about their prom days, and Kit reveals that she was a little OC prom princess. Chris March tells a Flintstone/caveman gay joke, which is funny considering my boss refers to him as “Fred Flintstone Gay.” Ricky (whom my boss refers to as “Thomas the Train Gay”) calls his mom on his T-Mobile Sidekick and starts crying again. I have the sinking feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more Ricky tears this episode to make up for the dearth of Ricky tears in the last episode.

So far, the editors have focused on Jillian (“Is my hair bigger than usual today?”), Sweet P, and Ricky. Oh yeah, and way too much Christian, Mr. “I’m not going to let a high school girl push me around. Hmm. I wonder which one is getting cut this episode?

It’s the next day, and we’re back from commercial and everyone’s doubting their designs. Victorya decides to change the silhouette, with the approval of Christian.

Tim brings in the daughters and their mothers. Kevin’s client’s mom says she looks pregnant in the dress, but he tells her it’s part of that new babydoll style. Nice save.

Victorya’s model ends up liking the new silhouette because it makes her legs look hot.

Sweet P’s client loves the dress. Christian’s client hates her dress.

“I’m not a dressmaker; I’m a designer,” he says.

I’m having trouble ascertaining the difference, but okay, Christian, whatever you say.

Kevin tells Tim that he may leave the hem raw, thinking the judges won’t notice. Um, hello? What show do you think you’re on? That NINAGARCIA has eyes like a hawk!

Tim tells Christian that he’s concerned about the dress. He doesn’t hate Christian’s dress, and reminds him that he’s too good and too talented to give up.

Kevin still refuses to hem the dress, despite Chris’ warnings to the contrary.

The next morning, Christian vows to make the most of his chocolate bubble dress.

Ricky made his prom date’s dress. Sweet P went to Catholic school. Chris March didn’t go to his prom. Rami grew up in Jerusalem, where they don’t have prom.

Christian’s client is annoying as all hell, and I hope that I wasn’t like that when I was their age.

On to the runway!

Sweet P’s dress? Gorgeous and flowy. Victorya’s? Cute, young, flirty, babydoll. Chris March’s? Glamorously commercial. Kevin’s? I think the red halter made her look stocky. Jillian’s? Nice and flowy and airy, but I hate asymmetrical hems. Christian’s? Brown pouf. The model tried to work it, though. Kit’s? Sporty. Ricky’? Stiff, but ultra feminine. Rami’s? A variation on the dress he made in the first episode.

Kit, Jillian, and Chris make it to the next round and are sent off the runway.

That means Sweet P, Victorya, Christian, Rami, Kevin and Ricky have to stay for critique.
This week’s judges are Michael Kors, NINAGARCIA, and Gilles Mendel (guest judge).

The judges loved Sweet P’s dress (yay!).

Kevin mentions that his model is Filipino, which, apparently means that she must wear red or something. I beg to differ. Kors says that he is distracted by the hemming. We told you so! They hated it. “It looks like $29.95 prom,” Kors says.

Victorya says that she thinks the dress is what her client wanted to project herself to be, whatever that means. Her model loves the dress though, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Christian tells the judges that his client is very opinionated, at which point the girl acts all shocked. Whatever, honey. Own it. NINAGARCIA reminds Christian that being a good designer also requires that he have some tact when dealing with clients, and doesn’t like that he’s blaming his client for her ugly design aesthetic. Word, Nina. Word.

Ricky says that the girl inside him would wear that dress. His client loves it, but NINAGARCIA says the bottom ruching looks sloppy. Kors and Heidi tell Ricky that the dress is kind of bland. That it’s a “non-event.” Ricky starts to tear up. Shocker!

Heidi says that Rami’s dress is too “lady who lunches.” NINAGARCIA says the dress is too sophisticated for a teenage girl. Rami upholds his design aesthetic.

Victorya wins the challenge and has immunity for the next challenge.

Kevin gets the Auf.

Next week looks like another group challenge! We shall see …

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