May 10, 2007

You've been SERVED!

To all my break-dancing friends who love to battle: Watch out, this could be you:
NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (May 9) -- A man died while trying to outdo a rival with an acrobatic move while "battle dancing," police said.

Robert Stitt, 48, and his rival were competing in a parking lot Monday night when he tried a forward flip and landed on his head.

"It was just two guys dancing. Everybody was laughing," Stitt's friend John Boxley said.

Boxley said James Brown was on the radio and Stitt wanted to outdo a rival dancer, who had flipped in the air.

Police said the victim went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead a short time at a local hospital.

Police said several people were in the parking lot drinking and battle dancing - a competition in which each dancer tries one-upmanship with unique moves.
My question is, why was a 48-year-old man still trying to battle? Maybe he had just watched that South Park episode.

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mrgumby2u said...

He was trying to do a full forward flip and landed on his head? So he made it halfway, is that it? That's a serious miscalculation of one's ability.