May 9, 2007

Brand Identity Overload

Donald Trump is now selling steak.

From Meat News (yes, "Meat News"):
Until now, Trump Steaks were only available at Donald Trump’s resort restaurants, but now these same steaks can be delivered to homes exclusively from The Sharper Image. Trump Steaks are made exclusively from corn-fed Angus stock—“The Butcher’s Breed” from the Midwest. Products are individually sealed, flash-frozen, packed in dry ice, and shipped in a distinctive black-and-gold Trump Steaks presentation box, according to a promo piece.
Somewhere out there, Richard Branson's getting jealous.

And I'm getting hungry.

(Photo lifted from Dethroner.)

1 comment:

Isabel said...

Cheryl, yea but, did you know, they are like HELLA WICKED expensive. I had the same reaction when I picked up my bf's recent catalog mailing. Trump? Steaks? Sorry, won't stop buying Omaha steaks anytime soon. hehehe. :D