Apr 30, 2007

Say, "Torture!"

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, number 588, poses for a reunion photo with his fellow Harvard alumni.

Kudos to the students at Harvard who effectively forced Gonzales to escape through the back door during visit this weekend to his alma mater:
At a time when many in the nation are calling for Gonzales to resign, one third-year student managed to communicate the mood of his own alma mater directly to Gonzales. While the Attorney General's security detail kept protestors at bay and the photographer prepared the class photo, she slipped though the law library's front doors and approached Gonzales from behind. "On behalf of many other Harvard Law students," she said, "I'd like to tell you that we are ashamed to have you as an alumnus of this school. And we're glad you're here to be able to tell you that." Gonzales thanked the student and offered to shake her hand, but was refused. After the class photo was taken, several of the Attorney General's classmates clapped and approached the protesting students to thank them for their efforts.

Following the group photo, Gonzales ducked into the library to take a stroll around the main reading room, which, on the weekend before final exams, was full of students going over their notes. When the protestors caught up with Gonzales, the cavernous reading room, ordinarily a place of hushed whispers, echoed with chants of "shame" and "resign."
Funny. That last part kind of reminds me of the shower scene in Carrie, for some reason.

Anyway, unfortunately, Gonzales probably won't resign, even though everyone and their mother is asking him to. I swear, the inner circle of the Bush Administration is like a bunch of freakin' cockroaches --- they just won't go away!

Thanks to Jonsey (read his blog now!) for the link.

(Photo lifted from here.)

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