Apr 18, 2007

Oakland Goods

I wanted to highlight a new blog I just added to my blogroll.

One of the things I love about living in Oakland is the sense of pride many people feel about this city. Sure, it's got it's share of problems---nobody's denying that Oakland has a long way to go on that front---but that doesn't mean that this city doesn't have its shining moments.

Oakland Goods does a great job of highlighting this city's cultural and artistic nuggets of greatness.

If you live or work in Oakland, or are looking to explore what I like to call this "diamond in the rough kind of city," check out this blog for some inspiration.

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Tom Hilton said...

Cool site. I lived in Oakland a long time ago (a couple of different places, at opposite ends of the lake), and still have a lot of fondness for the town. Problems, yeah...but there's still a lot there to be proud of.

Jessica said...

Glad you found the site! Thanks for the shout out. I try to update at least once a week, so keep checking back.

Thanks again!