Sep 24, 2005

Don't be jealous

I wasn't planning on posting anything during my Maui trip, but looking outside of my hotel room at this beautiful mountain range that makes up the edge of the Maui upcountry, I felt a little twinge of inspiration to share some photos with you. Don't make fun of my feet.

Maui is the shit. Spent the entire day yesterday at the beach/pool. Skin awesomely bronze thanks to Maui Babe tanning lotion that looks like something that came out of my cooking pot. Hotel suite (free upgrade, thanks) rocks, resort kicks ass.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I knew I couldn't stay away from here for very long. Back on the mainland in a few days. Try not to miss me.


Drew said...

Ha ha, nice feet. I know you told me not to, but you're in Maui and in no place to make demands!!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You HAVE to be in Maui? Boy, I feel sorry for you. That's not near as much a fun place as, say, Lake Charles.

Virge said...

Just for that post, I WILL make fun of your feet, although mine aren't any better (don't even say HOBBIT!).

Eric said...


*sticks tongue out*


mrgumby2u said...

You post a picture of four nubile young women wearing grass skirts that look like they're about to fall off of the lovely hips they are just barely covering, and you tell me not to be jealous. Oh my, what's to be jealous of?

Tamara said...

seething with jealousy.