Sep 27, 2005

... And We're Back!

Aaah. Maui. Such an awesome place. I was really sad to leave there today, but I've brought back with me some great memories:

1. Getting to spend some quality time with my parents in paradise
2. Crying/Laughing my ass off at my cousin's wedding
3. Boogieboarding for the first time
4. Getting tangled with that boogieboard strap thing and my uncle's ankles, causing us to both almost drown, and making everyone else crack up
5. Hanging out in an oceanfront villa
6. Staring in awe at the really old Banyan tree in Lahaina
7. Drinking lava flows, all day, every day
8. My dark "Maui Babe" tan
9. Doing the Road to Hana [almost] and having a long and entertaining conversation with the shave ice lady in Paia
10. Having all our families together at the Old Lahaina Luau

And now, I'm back home, to 57-degree weather, to work, to paying the bills, to traffic jams, to the sameole sameole. But it's great to be back.

1 comment:

Adobo said...

You went to Maui?? (Diving intonation on 'Maui') BITCH! ;-) I'm glad you had fun! I loove the islandz! I do miss the great views of the islands- watching the tan local boyz ahhh what a sight!