Jan 5, 2009

Spam cracks me up.

I've been out of the office for the last two weeks, and today is my first day back.

Our company e-mail system does this thing where they filter out all your junk e-mails and sends you a daily list of junk e-mail that it's intercepted for you. You can then review the list and unjunk any legit e-mails.

Sometimes, spam still manages to hit my inbox. What's more disturbing, though, is that the sender appears to be my own work e-mail address.

Over the last two weeks, I've received quite a few e-mails with somewhat interesting subject lines. Here's a sample:

  • "Stiff, long and hard rod"
  • "I'm so thick now she says it hurts"
  • "Never be flaccid again"
  • "Don't wait to be huge"
  • "Proven to work in male subjects"
  • "Re: Scarlett [Johansen?] did it for cash"
  • "Fit perfectly between her jugs"
  • "Women will flock like bees to honey"

And my personal favorite, "With 9 inches everything is possible."


1 comment:

solson said...

Hmmmm....you're positive it isn't coming to you from inside the company...