Dec 5, 2007

Project Runway After Party - Season 4

Episode 4: Trendsetter
(aka “A Trip Down Fashion Memory Lane” or, alternatively, “I’m Totally Over Ricky Already”)

Because last week’s episode didn’t use any of the female models, there were four models that were up for dismissal. Since Jack won the challenge, he had the option to either stay with the same one or switch it up. So, Jack takes Ricky’s model, and Ricky, of course, takes it personally.

Wasn’t Ricky the one who was just reminding us in the last episode that it was a competition?

Heidi tells the designers that Tim’s in the workroom with a special guest to give them their challenge. When the designers arrive, they find Tim and NINAGARCIA there, standing next to 12 mounted photographs of “really hideous fashion trends,” says Chris.

NINAGARCIA tells them that throughout the decades, Elle has photographed the evolution of trends for decades. (Sidebar: The photo with Elle Macpherson in the cutout dress was one my first Elle issue that I bought.) These trends are out. Jillian’s feeling all molded because she’s wearing overalls, and that’s one of the fashion “don’ts” displayed there.

Everyone picks one of the outdated trends.

The challenge: Work in teams of three to create an updated and cohesive three-look collection that incorporates all three outdated trends.
The budget: $225
Timing: Two days

The teams (and the outdated trend they each picked) are:
  1. Rami (poodle skirt), Jillian (overalls), Kevin (70’s flare)
  2. Kit (fringe), Christian (zoot suit), Jack (pleather)
  3. Victorya (underwear as outwear), Ricky (neon), Elisa (cut outs)
  4. Sweet P (baggy sweater), Steven (dancewear), Chris (shoulder pads)

Strategy wise, some teams choose to incorporate all three outdated trends into each garment; some chose to tie everything together through use of fabrics and color.

Christian calls his team “Team Star,” because they’re all stars, and they’re fun, and stars are fierce or something. I totally want to be on Team Star, because they’re “hot. Like, celebrity.”


Meanwhile, on other teams:

Ricky explains to Elisa how to make clothes, using the same kind of hippy, dreamy, ephemeral language she understands, because he used to be a dancer. He’s the team interpreter. I found it kind of odd how Ricky and Victorya assigned themselves roles – like, Victorya was going to be the mediator and Ricky was going to be a whiny bitch. What?

Jillian’s freaking out because Kevin isn’t making his pattern correctly.

Chris’ team is working way, flying under the radar, with Steven doing a poor Tim Gunn impression. Sorry my dear, you're no Santino!

On day 2, everyone’s all smiles walking into the workroom, but the day has just started!

Victorya tells us she doesn’t like to be a “bossy cow,” but that’s what she ends up being, anyway. What makes it worse is that she delivers her opinions with a really calm voice. She tries to give feedback to Ricky’s garment, but Ricky ignores her.

Tim does everyone a favor and brings in the models for an initial fitting, and Sweet P stresses out because she thinks Steven’s garment doesn’t work well with the other clothes.

Jillian’s freaking out because their overalls ended up being too big.

Victorya says that the clothes looked so harlequiney, and so she assures her model that the black and fuchsia color-blocked bustier would be totally different tomorrow. Ricky retaliates by giving Victorya some feedback on her garment, and gets pissed at her for doing exactly what he did to her the day before.

Rami and Jillian are still freaking out because Kevin isn’t anywhere near finished with his garment.

Team Star meets with Tim, who says their collection is very modern.

When he goes to Sweet P’s team, he says he doesn’t see the cohesion, and it’s Steven’s garment that isn’t working out. Tim says that all the garments all look like Jillian. Tim Ricky is stressed out, and Tim tells them it’s not looking refined and well finished. Victorya tells Tim that she would have tweaked the silhouettes a little. Ricky chimes in, but Victorya hits her with a “can I finish?”

It’s on.

The two of them chat, and she asks him, in a honey voice that belies the bossy cow underneath, “I want to ask you, why you wanted to be team leader.”

No she didn't!

Ricky calls her passive aggressive. I kind of agree, and it’s that kind of passivity/aggressivity that just sneaks up on you behind your back, and next thing you know, you’re filled with rage! If Victorya was going to act this way, she should have just stepped up and been the team lead for this challenge.

Ricky still bugs me though. I think he has some massive, crazy-ass negative energy around him – it’s messing with my aura!

Jillian and Rami are still worrying over Kevin’s shorts, and Rami and she agree to disagree on how to fix it. Meanwhile, Ricky and Victorya have a therapy session in the hallway.

Elisa is concerned because she’s feeling the disturbances in Ricky and Victorya’s auras. Ricky and Elisa are done with their garments. Victorya is still working on her garment because she changed it at the last moment.

Ricky feels like he needs to pull a rabbit out of his ass to make it work. Awesome! That’s what this show is all about!

Models come back for a final fitting.

Ricky tells Victorya that she needs to make some adjustments to her bodice, “coz right now, you’re flattening her bust.”

“I like that,” coos Victorya.

Um, WHAT? Hello, dude’s made a living making lingerie. Why would you want your girls all flattened out?

So he re-pinned the bodice, Victorya marinated over it a bit, and decided she liked it. Oy. I've decided that the both of them are killing me softly with their egos.

Speaking of egos, can I just say that I love Christian more now? He abbreviates words, just like I do. For example, when he saw the final looks, he said it was “feroshhhh.”

Christian, you’re fierce. I’m Asian; I’m fierce. Let’s be fierce together!

On to the runway!

Heidi announces that Team Jillian wins the challenge, and I agree; it was the most cohesive look. I liked how they incorporated the denim in each garment. The overalls didn't even look half bad.

Team Passive/Aggressive and Team Chris had the lowest scores.

During critique, Donna Karan, this week’s guest judge, says that there is no movement or liquidity, but she loves Sweet P’s dress. Sweet P starts crying. The judges say that Chris’ outfit still looks dated. It’s like “beauty pageant in camel,” says Kors. NINAGARCIA says that his dress doesn’t look relevant for today. “How can you be a leader, if you can’t even lead yourself?” she asks Chris.

Team Passive/Aggressive’s flaw was problems with construction. About Victorya’s dress Donna Karan said it was fitted well, and she gives props to Ricky for that last-minute advice; however, his garment itself sucked in terms of construction Ricky says that it was because of him helping his teammates. Elisa tries to stick up for him, but Ricky’s choice of having the duchess satin was his flaw. Victorya breaks it down for Kors about their working relationship, and Kors says it shows.

Heidi asks the teammates again that eternal question “Who should go,” and everyone answers. Elisa, ever the ambassador of free love, says that she herself should go, and that’s her standard default position on any and all such matters.

While the judges deliberate, I deliberate on how much work Donna Karan had done to her face. My god! She’s five procedures away from being Jocelyn Wildenstein!

Chris is out. Boo. I’m so over Ricky and his hats.

Is next week going to be the week where we get the big Jack revelation?

See you next time!


Michael said...

This is why I like Elisa...if she were on a boat with Hitler and Mother Teresa, and both of them fell overboard, she'd have to think about if before deciding who to save. It's that type of inability to make a decision, even in the easiest scenarios, that spells success for me. :)

Anonymous said...

oh thank GOD, someone else noticed DK's progressing-towards-the-land-of-freaky face! Maybe she was an example of another outdated fashion trend: TOO MUCH SURGERY!

Adobo said...

Well, Jack posed nude (tastefully i might add), and pics on the net. I hope producers won't kick him out cos of a few revealing photos. Did anyone know that he is dating one of the contestants from Top chef? Sucks that all the interesting personalities are being aufed early. I havent seen DK since her mugs with Babs a few years ago. One scary bitch!

rpstegman said...

Dude! This is so not PR-related but I didn't know you had a food blog. I'm off to buy some lumpia tomorrow!

BTW, oh, how I've missed your PR recaps. :-)