Jul 12, 2007

Thursday morning rant

Aside from the war in Iraq; Congress and its struggle between blind faith and support for the President and sheer impotence and inability to reinforce the simple concept of checks and balances; Mr. Go Fuck Yourself; and a whole host of other things I don't even want to go into right now, Bush and his bunch of miscreants just NEED to go away. The sooner the better.


Yesterday was my dad's birthday, so we (Dad, Mom, and I) went out for a nice dinner. I got into a somewhat heated discussion about Bush with my mother and the war in Iraq (why she continues to support him is beyond me, so don't even give me shit about that --- suffice to say, I KNOW), in which I said something to her that was not very nice. And, even if things are fine between her and I right now, I went to bed last night and woke up this morning feeling like a horrible person and the worst daughter in the world.

To top it all off, I listened to part of Bush's press conference this morning driving to work. Even in the face of some pretty tough questioning, Bush managed to vomit out the same, tired bullshit he has been since the war started. To the point of making me want to scream. Inciting within me some fierce road rage.

And you don't want to see me when I'm angry. For real.

I hate the person I become when I think about our president and everything that he and his administration stand for. Shouldn't our president be ... oh, I don't know ... inspiring, but in a good way?

I really cannot wait for a regime change. Seriously.

/end rant


Anonymous said...

You nailed it, Cheryl! I become hot headed when I think about Bush (both, and Jeb) and Reagan, as well. I get sputtering mad. And then I think about the fact that nice, smart people voted for them and I become incredulous and nutty. And then I become disgusted with fellow humans…

Support for Bush & this war are dropping and I can’t help but think that it is too little too late, and was blindingly obvious to me 6 years ago that it would be a terrible move. I’m like, “oh, ya think?!
good thing you came to this conclusion now, after thousands of lives were lost.”

i don't want to be so cynical, but Bush & his minions sure make it hard..

Sharon said...

The current "administration"--I use the term loosely, it looks for all the world like a dictatorship--has made American democracy into a sham. I think these are the darkest days I have ever seen in America. I'm old enough to remember firsthand the assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy, and I graduated high school the same year the Watergate hearings began (1973). And because the Vietnam War was still going on, I thought that was most disheartening, to be going out into the world while the slaughter raged and we knew the President was corrupt. How naive we were by comparison with young people of today.

My folks are now elderly, but still alive. They watch propaganda on Fox News every day, and support the Bush administration and the Iraq war. It galls me, but it is what it is, and I know that disagreeing with them isn't going to change anything. I just hope that when it's finally time for the real Evildoer to leave office, our country can recover from the vast scope of damage that these criminally insane stooges have wrought.

Mags said...

Sharons: I think we should start a support group and call it "Progressive Children of Parents Who Watch FOX News and Support George W. Bush."

Well, you gals may not need it, but I most certainly do. :-P