Oct 12, 2006

Project Runway After Party

Episode 13: Season Finale, Part One aka How Mags had to "Make It Work" this week
I've been super busy planning this three-day event for work, and its success made all the long hours I've been working worthwhile this week. This means that I wasn't able to be in a place where I could properly watch Project Runway (they didn't have Bravo in the hotel room - WTF?). Plus, I just couldn't see myself sitting and watching the TV typing away on my laptop, when all I wanted to do was sleep.

However, I did manage to persuade the manager of the hotel's bar to find the Bravo channel so I could at least watch the show. Not that I could hear anything that was being said, mind you, but I made a brave attempt to do so while sipping on a delicious sidecar with my boss and co-workers. One thing I did succeed in doing was mildly pissing off a few people who were mesmerized by CNN's coverage of that plane that crashed into an NYC building. But, I mean, there were two other TVs in that bar turned to the same station. Couldn't they have spared one for my weekly pop culture boost?

I have needs that must be fulfilled, you know.

In any case, our friends at BPR have collected this week's early recaps, as always. When Tiff's and Four Four's recaps come up, check them out. Aside from my own, their recaps are my favorites!

And tell 'em Mags sent cha.

Next Wednesday is part two of the season finale (Was the Jeffery-outsourcing-his-work rumor ever resolved? I couldn't hear the outcome.)

Anyway, I'll have my season finale up next week. Stay tuned!

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tiff said...

Hey Mags! wow...thanks first of all, B) what kind of three day event has you at a hotel with no Bravo? and 3) no the drama wasn't resolved, only prolonged, sadly.