Oct 5, 2006

My Dead Celebrity Soulmate

I love those internet quizzes that help you find out important things about yourself, like "Which 80's Brat Pack Character/Swingers/Napoleon Dynamite character are you?" or "What kind of kisser are you?"

So when I saw this "Who's your Dead Celebrity Soulmate" quiz from Generik's blog, you just KNOW I had to go for it.

I got Vincent Van Gogh, Rudolph Valentino, and Edgar Allan Poe. Fuckin' trip.

Wanna try? Click here.


Susan said...

Why does my soulmate have to be Billy The Kid??? Havent I been through enough?
Great! Friggin Great!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

lol i knew id have somebody like edgar allan poe! im gonna post mine at my blog as well.